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Dry Cleaners

Dear WCAA Member


The DIA welcomes the opportunity to work with the WCAA in providing information and assistance in regards to maintenance of the curtains and window furnishings you are providing to your clients.


Curtains require careful assessment and special handling when being cleaned in either a drycleaning process or a water wash by way of wet cleaning or laundry. Not all cleaners are experienced to be able to handle curtains appropriately and therefore we are making available the DIA members as one way to ensure proper cleaning of curtains for your clients.


The DIA website has a search facility for the nearest DIA member and this can be found at


If you have any other enquiries about the maintenance of window furnishings, care labelling or just general information, you can contact our national office on 1300 134 511.





            Phone 02 4993 3377




           Find us on face book at DIA


Tasmanian Dry Cleaners